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Unlock the secret to mastering Make with this 3-hour video course

The ultimate DocuWare Make Masterclass with insider knowledge and tips you won’t find anywhere else.

What people are saying about our make solutions

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Ahmet is truly an expert on DocuWare and Make, he helped me a lot with the great duo: DocuWare + Make . I recommend following him and AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE LTD.

— M. V. - DocuWare Partner

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This is really impressive, Ahmet! And sounds super useful!

— DocuWare

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This is incredible Ahmet, huge fan!

— M. V. - DocuWare Partner

What's inside

  • Onboarding
  • "Make" Basics
  • Introduction to Triggers, Webhooks, Mailhooks
  • "Make" User Interface
  • Triggers in DocuWare for Make
  • How do I start Make scenarios from DocuWare?
  • How do I start Make scenarios without DocuWare?
  • DocuWare Make connector (Deep Dive)
  • What can you do with the DocuWare connector in Make?
  • How to use the DocuWare connector for Make?
  • Which use cases can you apply?
  • Important built-in Make modules
  • HTTP, CSV, Iterator, Aggregator, Archive, Data Stores
  • Hands-On
  • Monetizing DocuWare – Make solutions

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At the end of the Masterclass, participants:
  • Are able to build their own solutions for DocuWare with Make.
  • Have a deep understanding of the DocuWare connector in Make.
  • Know how to monetize their solution.
  • Know which aspects are important to keep the number of operations low in Make to save money.
  • Know how to call any API even when there is no app in Make for it.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • 1. Masterclass Intro Free Preview
    • 2. Content of Masterclass Free Preview
    • 3. Make Basics
    • 4. DocuWare triggers and touchpoints
    • 4.1 Webhooks & Webservices - Triggers from DocuWare
    • 4.2 DocuWare Validation service
    • 4.3 Make Mailhooks
    • 4.4 Make Triggers
    • 5. The DocuWare connector in detail
    • 6. Built-In Make modules
    • 7. Hands-On
    • 8. Monetization Strategies
    • 9. Closing Words
    • Review - Testimonial